hiphop heads


This website is dedicated to al things hip-hop culture. We have music, news stories, videos and images from your favorite artists. On this website I will post the latest stories from other hip-hop websites/publicatoins, word of mouth, and artist's social media pages. I was inspired to make this website since it's so difficult to to find just one website that gathers all the latest hip-hop informatoin. I always enjoyed how reddit displayed content and wanted to implement their design in someway. I felt the best way to do this was to have a link to the story with a short description underneath.

The website contains a homepage the focuses on whats popular in hip-hop culture today. The news sectoin of the site focuses on the latest hip-hop news stories like new interviews, or anouncing a new album. The music sectoin of the website includes only new releases from your favorite artists are posted. Also there is a contact me webpage to send me emails if you find an issue or if you just want to ask a questoin. On the contant page I will also have my own personal requests, for example I'll post; 'Looking for orginal artist's music to post.'

About Me

I grew up listening primaraly to rock n roll since that's what my dad listened to, and he was a guitar player. H taught me how to play guitair when I was in elementary school. I enjoyed playing guatiar and I liked rock n roll too, but I felt that there was something else out there that I would really like. Then I discovered Electronic dance music which I really liked listening to. This lead me to listen to other EDM genres that borrowed more from hip-hop. This is when I discovered trap music a sub-genre of EDM with heavy hiphop influences. After getting burnt out from trap music from listening to it so much I decided to checn out some hip-hop after listening to Kanye West's Stronger. I instantly became a fan and i'm still istening over 5 years later.